Crazy spaces make great places (18-20 mei 2015)

Op 18, 19 en 20 mei 2015 organiseerden wij voor 17 collega's uit de UK (allen afkomstig uit de wereld van universitaire bibliotheken) een ontdekkingsreis langs Nederlandse bibliotheken onder het motto: experience innovative library spaces.
Lees een impressie van deze reis op de website van Bibliotheekblad

Great changes in society demand radically different approaches to library work. The needs and questions emerging from society today really are different to those one or two decades back. Our current answers are not all wrong, but they are by no means good enough. We need to be open to new ideas and approaches and start looking for new answers. Visiting some exciting initiatives in the Netherlands is a great way to stimulate new thinking.
Surprising new library buildings recently opened in the Netherlands are redefining and redesigning the library. They are typical examples of ‘Dutch Design’ characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky, and humorous. The Tour Provides an opportunity to experience and discuss with colleagues and experts innovative library and learning spaces and discover how and why these spaces were developed, what makes them unique and how they serve their communities.